Welcome to the Cyber Law and Regulation blog where issues relating to cyber law will be discussed.

I am Dr Clare Chambers-Jones, Associate Professor at the University of the West of England, (2001 LLB Glamorgan University) PhD in Financial Exclusion and Banking Regulation (2004 Bournemouth University) FPC (2004 Chartered Institute of Insurers) PGCert in Academic Practice (2007 Bournemouth University) PGCert in Research Supervision (2008 Bournemouth University) MA Education in Virtual worlds (2014). I have worked in the City of London with Grant Thornton and subsequently Morgan Stanley, where she worked as an investment banking legal and compliance officer for Europe. My research interests are banking law, financial education, financial exclusion, alternative financial delivery mechanisms, cyber law and crime jurisdiction and mobile finance. I have researched prolifically on the subject of banking and finance and cyber jurisdiction and criminal actions on an international level.

I will also have guest bloggers to blog about issues pertinent to their research.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas about cyber law and regulation with you.

Happy Blogging


You can also find me in Second Life – ClareChambersJones



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