Welcome to Cyber law and Regulation, on this page you will find the bio’s of all our contributors and how to get in contact with them.

Dr Clare Chambers-Jones

Associate Professor at the University of the West of England, (2001 LLB Glamorgan University) PhD in Financial Exclusion and Banking Regulation (2004 Bournemouth University) FPC (2004 Chartered Institute of Insurers) PGCert in Academic Practice (2007 Bournemouth University) PGCert in Research Supervision (2008 Bournemouth University) MA Education in Virtual worlds (2014). Clare has worked in the City of London with Grant Thornton and subsequently Morgan Stanley, where she worked as an investment banking legal and compliance officer for Europe. Her research interests are banking law, financial education, financial exclusion, alternative financial delivery mechanisms, cyber law and crime jurisdiction and mobile finance. She has researched prolifically on the subject of banking and finance and cyber jurisdiction and criminal actions on an international level.

Dr Martina Gillen

Stephen Thacker

Henry Hillman

Henry is a Post Graduate Research Student at the University of the West of
England. He is currently undertaking a PhD in virtual currencies and their
vulnerability to money laundering. In conjunction with this Henry is also an
Associate Lecturer at the university, teaching commercial law, and have
written and contributed to numerous publications.

Dr Angel Adrian

Angel is a dual qualified lawyer in Louisiana and the UK. My specialisms include Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, International Trade, and Criminal Law. She is the author of “Law and Order in Virtual Worlds: Exploring Avatars, their Ownership and Rights”. She worked in international hospitality management before practising law. More recently, she has been an international legal academic and intellectual property consultant. She holds two Masters degrees with distinction in Business & Management (Schiller International University) as well as in Commercial Law (University of Aberdeen). She obtained her Juris Doctorate at Loyola University, New Orleans and PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. She co-authored the 4th edition of “Intellectual Property: Text and Essential Cases” (Australia) and is the former Editor of the International Journal of Intellectual Property Management.

Now all of this education and experience is being used to bring Icondia Ltd where she is the Chief Legal Officer. They have offices in Guernsey, London and New Orleans.

Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger is a German criminologist, researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Police Science at the University of Applied Science of the Brandenburg Police. He is an expert in criminological research with emphasis on youth violence and sexual delinquency, political extremism, cyber crime, and risks in web social communities and virtual worlds (in particular, online gaming).  In 2013, Thomas-Gabriel was awarded the first European Future Award for Policework for his publication “Gamecrime” about crime in virtual worlds. Connect with Thomas-Gabriel on Twitter.


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